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Looking for the best insurance rates for your custom cars or classic truck - we got it! Search hundreds of custom car insurance dealers in one location.

Learn the details of Custom Truck Insurance

ndividuals that spend a lot of money fixing up their trucks obviously take great pride and pleasure in their vehicles. Subsequently, they will want to make sure that in the event that anything happens to them, they are properly insured. Custom truck insurance is usually the best choice for an individual that owns such a vehicle. The primary reason is that truck owners will require coverage that needs their unique needs. GET STARTED WITH A FREE INSURANCE QUOTE

Custom Truck Insurance

Standard vehicle insurance agents will determine a car or truck owner’s insurance premiums based on their driving record, credit history (perhaps), age, sex and the type of vehicle. Trucks or cars that have extensive modifications may be deemed more risky and thus are charged higher insurance premiums. All modifications are not considered equal. A simply paint job or new rims (as long as they fit properly) may not require that a truck owner look for a company that offers modified truck insurance. However, if a truck owner is looking to make major mechanical modifications, then they may want to consider a specialty insurer.

Most mainstream insurers will sell modified car insurance. However, their approach more accurately involves selling insurance to truck owners who have modified their cars. These policies are not specialized or customized to the unique needs of modified truck owners. Often times, the policies may not fully cover the entire costs to replace modified parts.

To find a modified truck insurance company that meets an owner needs, they may want to consider working with a custom truck insurance company. These companies may be able to better serve customer who need this type of specialized modified truck insurance.

Custom Truck Insurance Tips


For truck owners who are only thinking about modifying their trucks but who have not yet done it, they will want to make sure that they take ample time to look around and compare insurance premiums. They will be able to find the best deal possible. It is also a good idea to first contact the insurance company and find out their guidelines covering custom truck insurance.

Spending money to modify ones’ truck can be very expensive. It takes a lot of thought, time and care to customize a truck to get it just like the owner wants it. Because vehicle insurance is mandatory in every state, owners have not choice but to comply. However, this doesn’t mean that truck owners must settle for custom truck insurance that does not meet their needs. They have a couple of options. They can work with a standard insurer and pay high premiums for a policy that does not fully cover their car or work with an insurer that specializes in coverage for modified trucks and cars. The latter, may provide more satisfactory coverage.

To find modified truck insurance that is affordable can which meets the needs of the owner, it is important for he or she to look around and compare insurance companies and their available policies. Individuals with modified trucks will likely have to pay more for their coverage because of the increased risk of theft and perhaps damage from an accident. The best way for owners to control their costs is to do some comparison shopping and to consider specialty insurers.

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