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Looking for the best insurance rates for your custom cars or classic truck - we got it! Search hundreds of custom car insurance dealers in one location.

Custom Car Insurance Quote Options

If you are an owner of a custom car then you understand fully how much time and money is put into customizing a car to get it just the way that you want it. Because of your investment both financially and emotionally, you will want to make sure that it is properly insured. Therefore, you will want to find very reliable custom car insurance. Because many insurance companies will charge you a great deal to cover custom cars or may not give you the coverage that you need, it is a good idea to consider an insurer that specializes in custom and classic cars. You may also want to ask your current insurance representative what policies they have available for custom car owners. GET STARTED WITH A FREE INSURANCE QUOTE

Custom Car Insurance Options

Because custom cars are by definition unique and different, the amount that you may have to pay for your insurance premiums may be different than someone else. Therefore, it is best to get several quotes. One factor that will go into determining how much you will be forced to pay for your custom vehicle insurance premiums include, what type of modifications you have had done. Some policies will not put the limits on the type or scope modifications and will cover everything, while others will have certain coverage limits on modifications.

When speaking with an insurer about custom car insurance, be sure to check and see if the build of your car is covered. Also ask about mileage restrictions and if you can get any discounts if you limit the amount of miles that you drive the car. There are also second vehicle discounts available from many in insurers so be sure to ask the insurance company.

If you are just thinking about customizing your car but haven't had any work done on it yet, you will want to go ahead and contact your insurance representative and see how this will affect your premiums. Then you can decide if the insurance costs are worth the modifications.

Most insurance companies will assess the value on your car based on its original condition and present sales value. If you have added any parts or changed the mechanics in any way, you may not be covered for your additional investments. Standard vehicle insurance policies limit the amount of coverage that applies to accessories that are purchased aftermarket. Therefore, you may want to make sure that your coverage will cover of the cost of anything you add to the car or live with the fact that it will not.

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