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Looking for the best insurance rates for your custom cars or classic truck - we got it! Search hundreds of custom car insurance dealers in one location.

Looking for Modified Car Insurance?

Modifying your car will likely have some impact on your insurance premiums. How much of an impact will depend upon your particular situation. Car insurance companies calculate premiums based on what they estimate your financial risk to their company to be. If they believe that you will likely get in a car wreck or that your car has a good chance of being stolen or damaged, they will charge you higher premiums. Your driving record really will also be a big factor. In the case of modified cars, the insurance company will determine whether it fits into one of two categories. The first category includes persons who modify their car for the purpose of putting it in shows. The second category includes those that are used in street racing (modified street car). To make sure that you have sufficient coverage for a racing car, you may want to purchase modified car insurance. Purchasing this kind of car insurance has become a lot easier because of consumer driven websites like advantage one that set up quoting systems that will let people compare the quotes of modified car insurance companies.


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Individuals who have modified show cars will typically keep them locked in a garage at night, not drive them very often know and when they do, they drive them in nice weather. Therefore, the risk of theft or damage to the vehicle is much lower than someone who may be involved in street car racing. In the latter instance, the modified street car is more likely to be damaged or stolen. The driver is also more likely to get ticketed, get in a wreck and may even injure or kill someone. Consequently, the premiums will be much higher for these types of modified cars

The extent of the modification will also be a consideration when it comes to insurance premiums. There are lots of different ways to modify a car. Some are very minor such as getting the car painted or buying certain types of wheels. In these cases, the affects on your premiums will not be significant. However, if you are considering doing some major modifications, such as changing the engine so that the car drives faster, you can expect to pay a lot more in premiums because you are increasing your risk of having an accident or someone stealing the car.


It is important to be honest when you are speaking with an insurance agent or getting a quote for insurance for a modified car. While you may be able to a lie about the modifications initially or down play them and receive lower premiums, if you car is stolen or damaged the insurance company may not cover your vehicle because you were dishonest. You will want to disclose any modifications no matter how minor they appear to you. If you get new wheels or a body kit, you must let your insurance company know. If you have not yet modified car, you may want to discuss with the insurance company how particular modifications might affect your policies. You will need to determine if it's worth the increase in premiums. If you can not find adequate coverage, considered specialized modified car insurance.

You will be able to save yourself money on insurance if you fall into a certain age bracket, if you don't have any prior traffic citations and if you have good credit. While this may not lower your premiums significantly for a modified vehicle, you may be able to save some money. Therefore, make sure to talk to any potential insurance company or your current one about any possible savings so that you can lower your premiums as much as possible. Modified car insurance can save you money and the hassle of getting your car fixed or replaced when it is necessary.

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