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Looking for the best insurance rates for your custom cars or classic truck - we got it! Search hundreds of custom car insurance dealers in one location.

Need special Vintage Car Insurance?

Vintage cars are typically defined as those that were built sometime between 1903 and 1933. Individuals that own vintage cars tend to take a lot of pride in them and want to make sure that they are insured so that any damage or theft is covered. There are two primary options for owners looking for vintage car insurance. They include working with a mainstream insurer or working with an insurer who specializes in covering vintage vehicles. The primary benefit of working with a specialized insurer for vintage car insurance, is that you may be able to get a customized plan. This is because the policies from these types of insurers will be designed specifically for vintage car owners. Therefore, they will take into account the vehicle will be properly stored in an enclosed, locked location most of time. They will also consider the comparatively low amount of miles these types of cars are driven.


Vintage Car Insurance

A standard insurer will attempt to treat you just like a regular driver. The policies that they will attempt to sell you will be ones that are appropriate for someone who is driving their car for long distances or every day. Consequently, you may end up paying much more then you need to or you may not be adequately covered.

Standard insurance will also not cover your vintage car as it appreciates. Normal cars depreciate over time. Their value drops fast and with certainty. Because vintage cars are often upgraded, taken care of really well, not driven much at all and because they are considered collectibles, their value increases. A vintage car insurer will often time account for that and will raise your coverage as the value of your car increases. A standard insurer will not. Therefore, you may want to really consider vintage car insurance.

Specialized, vintage car insurance may cost you more. However, specialized insurers will be able to customize a plan that is perfect for you and for your proposed usage of the vehicle. The important thing is that your car is covered in an event of an accident and that is covered up to its full value. A standard insurer may provide you coverage, but they may not offer you enough and they won't take into account the special considerations of owning a vintage car.

Vintage Car Insurance options


The best way to ensure that you find a good deal on insurance is to shop around. The internet is a wonderful place to research potential insurers. You can visit quite a few vintage car insurance companies online in a very short period of time. If you set aside a few hours you can get quotes from many different companies. You may be able to get an instant quote. In most cases, you will have one within 2-3 days. After you have narrowed down your choices, be sure to ask the insurance companies specific questions about their policies. Your goal is to get the best coverage for the most affordable rate. Make sure that you find coverage that meets your needs and that will sufficiently protect your vintage car in the case of an accident or theft.

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Classic Car Insurance

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